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Working With The Policy Of Good Taste Makes You Happy.


Daisho BBQ Story

Mr. Kanazawa, the founder of Daisho Shokuhin Co.,Ltd., established in 1966


Corporate Identity Of Daisho

The letter D in Daisho has been arranged to depict a world of flavour as well as broad-ranging



All factories of our company are all certified to FSSC22000 which is based on HACCP hygiene


Voice From Consumers

We directly connect with the consumers for getting an honest opinion about our products
About Us

About Us

Daisho Co., Ltd.

With the goal of creating a rich culinary culture and with the business philosophy of Good Taste Makes You Happy, our company, Daisho Co., Ltd., took up the initiative to develop the Yakiniku dipping sauce, Aji Shio-Kosho salt-pepper seasoning, Nabe soup, and other goods. We have been promoting seasoning products that go well with ingredients such as fish, meat, and vegetables in the fresh food section of a grocery store, while also creating a new market by presenting our original products such as vegetable salad dressing and Aojiru, which is green vegetable juice, to the fruits and vegetables section. As consumer demand for food safety grows, we make every effort to provide safe, flavorful, and convenient food items such as Nagahama Ramen Instant Noodles Soup, Teriyaki Spicy Tofu Sauces, Hakata Ramen Instant Noodles Soup, etc. Since the year 1966, we have been working as a manufacturer and exporter of such high quality food-based goods.
  • 1966

    Year of Establishment
  • 1000

    No. of Employees
  • 05

    No. of Designers

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